Brand batteries; Varta, different size LR03, LR06, 6LR61, AA, AAA, button batteries; CR2032, CR2016, LR44, SR44

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  • 6LR61 9 volts Battery
    Square 9 volt battery 6LR61
  • battery charger
    Recharge your rechargeable batteries easily with Easy Energy range. For more information, click the link below or on one of the products.VARTA Easy Energy - Discover the range by little the most comprehensive market price + New design, new color and a smaller size + Material Paint rubber (plastic) soft touch + The quality at the best price
  • LR03 AAA Battery
    LR03 Format AAA batteries
  • LR06 AA Battery
    LR06 batteries format AA
  • button batteries
    Batteries for watches, Photo batteries, hearing aid batteries, electronic batteries, Lithium Button batteries that power such as your car keys, calculators, cameras and other electronic devices. Electronic batteries include various forms of batteries (button, cylindrical) and different technologies (lithium, silver oxide, alkaline) for a variety of applications such as calculators, remote control, car beeps ...
  • Batterie plomb
    Lead acid battery for UPS, alarms, toys, lawn mowers, go-karting, emergency exits, replacement batteries
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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item