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  • OBD2 scanner
    diagnostic suitcase: Self Scanners are primarily used to read and erase DTCs. Ideal for self-diagnosis, as powerful as a suitcase or a self diagnostic tool obd obd2 scantoolWhat auto scanner to buy? in fact, the question should be what is the protocol of my vehicle? The protocol is the language that will allow communication between the vehicle computer and the diagnostic scanner. How to know the protocol of your vehicle? you can read this PDF in summary according to the pins that are wired to your OBDII jack you can know with certainty the protocol of your vehicle; connectors 2, 10: J1850PWM, connectors 7, 15 ISO9141 / 14230, catches 6, 14 ISO15765 (CAN) please carefully read the Pdf scanner which currently covers most protocol is the CR803.Here you have the auto scanner sorted by protocol: corresponds to the default codes for onboard diagnostics (OBD). The OBDII specifies in particular the standard interface embedded access automotive diagnostic system, was introduced in the mid-1990s California, through the CARB (California Air Resources Board) has required all vehicles sold in the United States from 1 January 1996. OBD II interface enables reading the Diagnostic Trouble Codes standardized, or DTP, generated by the onboard computer system and the real-time information from the sensors connected to board computers. The standard also provides for the erasure of the DTC stored by the computers when maintenance was performed. The lights to alert the user of engine malfunctions have also been standardized. Any defects that can lead to exceeding the threshold causes a standard spark Malfunction Indicator Lamp LED or MIL. DTC drive interface OBD2 OBD II OBD 2 many are brand auto scanner; Scanntool, vagcom, AutoSnap altarHere you have the lists of DTC:
  • DTC codes
    DTC codes Listings Diagnostic codes OBD 2 problems are composed of five characters, A letter followed by four digits • The first character is a letter that identifies the "main system" from which the problem (body, chassis, powertrain or network).P: Power Train B: Body C: Chassis U: Network • The second character is a number that identifies the type of code (Generic or Manufacturer specific code).
  • Connecteur adaptateur...
  • Key, key shell, Plip
    Key, key shell, plip, transponder, remote control car, key duplication, key copier
  • ECU Flasher
    Interface Chip tunning for Flashing ECU, ECU Flasher, EDC 16, SPI 28, BDM 100 galletto 1250
  • ELM OBD2
    ELM 327 interfaces enable communication with automotive processors from a computer, ELM328, ELM329, ELM327 OBD
  • VAG Diagnostic Tool
    interface cable, USB connection or Bluetooth RS232 Audi, VW, Seat, Skoda
  • BMW Diagnostic Tools
    BMW Diagnostic Tools, OBD2 Scanner, OBDII, OBDII BMW OBD reader, auto diagnostic OBD BMW Sanner
  • FIAT Diagnostic Tools
    Diagnostic Tools FIAT, RS232 or USB interface, OBD2 connector
  • OPEL Diagnostic Tools
    Diagnostic Tools OPEL, RS232 or USB interface, OBD2 connector
  • VOLVO Diagnostic Tools
    Interface to diagnose Volvo automobile, DTC drives
  • OBD2 protocol
    Scanner sorted by protocol type If you do not know the protocol of your vehicle you can download the leaflet was this link
  • Refrectometer
  • Remise à zéro
  • Airbag reset
  • GPS alarm
  • Tire pressure tester