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Measuring a magnitude. The measurement is made with the aid of a tool or a device that gives a number. The measurement can be made by comparing: * for measuring lengths, one can compare the size of the object with those of a reference object, such as a ruler; * In the same manner for corners, you can use a protractor graduated; * To measure the ...
Measuring a magnitude. The measurement is made with the aid of a tool or a device that gives a number. The measurement can be made by comparing: * for measuring lengths, one can compare the size of the object with those of a reference object, such as a ruler; * In the same manner for corners, you can use a protractor graduated; * To measure the mass, we can use a Roberval balance with test weights brass. This comparison may involve a device changing the intensity of the phenomenon, such as a leverage in the balance beam has to measure the mass. The measurement can convert a physical phenomenon in a more easily measurable.

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  • anemometer
    The anemometer apparatus for measuring speed or wind pressure. the unity of the anemometer is expressed in Knots, Knot, no second meter, anemometers may be portable or transportable, there are several kind of anemometer; cups anemometers, the rotating vanes, anemometers ultrasound anemometers plate anemometers tube .....
  • Scale
    Precision scales for weighing with different units; gram, grain, ounce, ounce, ounces, carats, 0-50 grams of 100 grams, 200 grams with an accuracy up to hundredth of a gram see more if needed. In the seventeenth century, the invention of Roberval revolutionizes weighing. This is the first time we had the idea of ​​asking the plates above the scourge rather than underneath. In the eighteenth century, Lavoisier perfects the balance and principles of weighing. This widespread use in laboratories, after designing a very sensitive balance. The Roberval balance is perfected by Beranger that manages to reduce lateral forces and friction by using smaller secondary evils which replace the force rods. In the twentieth century, the scales "Roberval" and "ranger" are all counters traders when it appears at the end of the nineteenth century, the "automatic balance" consists of a graduated dial, circular or fan-shaped where one can directly read the weight of the weighed object indicated by a needle, and without having to manually move weight. The latest developments are due to electronics. Now electronic pocket scales display or print directly ground and often even calculate the corresponding price. A "good" balance must be fair, sensitive and loyal. here you will find pocket scales also called pocket scale
  • Wireless IP camera
    WIFI IP surveillance camera, night vision, they allow to remotely monitor a local, you can control remotely from a smartphone or iPad, or any web browser, ideal for remote monitoring your home , your office.
  • halogen leak detector
    The HLD-100+ is the most reliable negative corona halogen leak detector at present. Smart and portable design is convenient for your mobile operation.
  • metal detector
    It can used to detect and locate stud, metal and AC voltage. It can be used in construction, fitment, carpentry, cloissons, walls, metallic object, nails, copper,
  • ultrasonic thickness...
    Capable of measuring any hard materials, including steel, cast iron, aluminum, red copper, brass, zinc, quartz glass, polyethylene, PVC, gray cast iron, nodular cast iron and other materials
  • Lux Meter
    Lux Meter, Pocket size Light meter for indoor and out door , Digital Light Meter , The digital light meter will allow you to measure the lighting in an area
  • Tire Pressure Gauge...
    There are tire gauges that control the tire pressure, with a button to lower the pressure. Some more sophisticated, as found in service stations or garages not only help take the pressure but also to add more. Namely an under-inflated tire can explode and a tire over-inflated wears out faster. digital tire pressure gauge features a large, easy to read LCD display that provides pressure readings from 5-150 PSI
  • ORP Redox Chlorine...
    testing and measuring instruments. PH meter, conductivity meter, TDS meters, ORP meter, Controllers. ORP meter to test water, conductivity, to test the amount of chlorine, bromine or active oxygen method ORP / Redox
  • PH Meter
    pH Meter / pH Pen Tester with ATC(Automatic Temperature Compensation) LCD High Accuracy. Great for home and laboratory pH testing applications, included aquariums, swimming pools, tap water. pool SPA, drinking water, Biochemistry experime
  • digital caliper
    Digital caliper is a device used to measure the distance between two opposite sides of an object. Features with a large LCD display, easy to take readings, Includes depth gauge and can be used small slots and holes, Stainless steel frame printed with both MM and Inch
  • Battery
    Brand batteries; Varta, different size LR03, LR06, 6LR61, AA, AAA, button batteries; CR2032, CR2016, LR44, SR44
  • Refractometer
    Refractometers are used to read the level of an element in a liquid. Salt refractometer used to set the level of salt in a liquid or other refractometer give the level of sugar, or protein, alcohol. The measurement principle is based on determining the critical angle of refraction between two media, one of known and very high (Flint PRISM), the other unknown index of the tested liquid.
  • Sound level meter
    A sound level meter is a device for measuring the sound pressure level that is commonly used in noise pollution studies to quantify all kinds of noise, but especially industrial and environmental noise, especially aircraft noise. However, the figure displayed by a meter in dB Sound Pressure Level (SPL) does not necessarily correspond to the sound perception of man; For this weighting is necessary. The current international standard defining the recommendations for sound level meters is IEC 61672: 2003 which requires the incorporation of a frequency-weighting filter and also describes other frequency weightings C and Z weighting (zero). The old B and D frequency weightings are now obsolete and are no longer described in the standard. The classic sound level meter is used for spot measurements as opposed to the noise dosimeter or exposure meter which is worn by an employee for an extended period, representative of the usual sound exposure to assess the level of daily exposure (Lexd).
  • Tachometer
    A digital speedometer or tachometer is a measuring instrument for indicating the speed of a moving part. The digital tachometer sensor may be mechanical, optical or eddy currents. As its name does not indicate, the tachometer is not the total engine revolutions, but in the number of revolutions per unit of time (usually rpm). Digital tachometer is found commonly in industry and transport, as it allows control and monitoring of rotating machinery. Today, many cars and motorcycles are equipped: they indicate to the driver the speed of the crankshaft. In a car digital tachometer, it is found very often behind the wheel, sometimes in the center of the dashboard, clearly visible in any case the driver or the driver.
  • TDS conductivity meter
    A conductivity or conductivity, is an apparatus for measuring a conductivity property. There are specific conductivity meters in certain applications: * measuring the electrical conductivity of a solution. This device consists of a low frequency generator (AC), an ammeter and a voltmeter. * Measuring the thermal conductivity. The electrical conductivity measurement may also be used to measure the moisture of a material (plaster, wood, leather, etc.) or plants (haystack, grain, hop, etc.). The specific device is then called hygrometer.
  • laser distance meter
    Measure for the Laser Distance Meters, which let you simply take measurements with one hand. the laser distance meter will help you measure farther, with greater accuracy
  • moisture tester
    Moisture is the presence of water in the air. Depending on the scope moisture may designate different sizes (process engineering, meteorology, air treatment)
  • Thermometer
    A thermometer is a device used to measure temperatures. To cook, heat or study rooms. by contact or remotely by infrared.
  • Laser et Niveau